In the time before I turned 40 in 2021, I was busy rehashing our analog photographic past. Scanning slides and paper prints took days, but the payoff was worth it. As my fortieth approached it was only logical to share with loved ones excerpts from this photographic treasure. That’s how the „40 out of 40“ concept was born. 40 photos from 40 years. At first I had the idea to choose one specific photo from each year, but this turned out to be too complex due to difficult data situation of the analogue parts. So the curation was based on versatility: Martin in as many different situations, moods and sceneries as possible. At that time, each of the guests and well-wishers received the link to a microsite – (now offline) – where they could view the images. In order to continue to present the beauty of this curated selection, it has been migrated to this page to be displayed there until 2031.